Biodegradable Concrete & Asphalt Cleaner

Microbial Oil, Diesel, Petrol & Hydraulic Fluid Remediation

100% Organic Cleaning

Our concrete and asphalt oil stain removers are made from 100% organic compounds containing zero chemicals or bleaching agents. With a selection of product sizes from 1.1kg through 22.6kg we can help with any situation.

Home 1.1kg

Small oil, petrol and diesel spot stains on the driveway and in the garage, cooking oil stains around the BBQ and outdoor living areas.

Commercial 3.3k & 8.8kg

Parking sites and buildings with oil, petrol and diesel spills and stains. Workshop driveways floors and wastewater systems.

On The Job Site 22.6kg

Diesel, oil, petrol, hydraulic fluid spills on client sites. Allow T-HSD to fully remediate the spill and reduce your stress.

Fresh or Old Oil Stains

10 days, 10 years or older Terminator HSD oil stain remover will go to work on removing the hydrocarbons from the concrete and asphalt surfaces.

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