Effective and Environmentally Friendly Concrete Cleaner Products

TERMINATOR-HSD Concrete Cleaner, will remove oil, petrol, diesel, hydraulic fluid and other petroleum-based stains from deep down in the pores of the concrete. Our concrete cleaner products will leave your area in a like new condition and will not damage the cell structure.

Important facts about our concrete cleaner products:

  • Eliminates stains made by petroleum on concrete, stone, and asphalt
  • Non toxic and environmentally sound
  • Removes the need for water blasting which can strip away protective layers.
  • Simple application process; TERMINATOR-HSD just needs to be swept into the concrete pores
  • Our powerful micro-organisms rapidly neutralise petroleum compounds into water and carbon dioxide
  • Sulphate and phosphate free meaning these concrete cleaner products are safe for our waterways.
  • Use on a regular basis in your parking lot or industrial yard to assist you storm water compliance.
  • A honeycomb cell structure traps the hydrocarbons and holds them in place whilst removing the stain.

How TERMINATOR-HSD Concrete Cleaner Works:

TERRADIS concrete cleaner products is a seaweed based powder containing a blend of highly concentrated microbes and proprietary absorbent. The microbes in this powder are cultured to biodegrade organic compounds such as crude oil, gasoline, motor oil, kitchen grease, cooking oil, hydraulic fluid and solvents. TERMINATOR-HSD concrete cleaner contains exclusive nutrients that increase the appetite and growth of these microbes resulting in accelerated stain removal. TERMINATOR-HSD is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and simple to apply. Carbon dioxide and water are the only major by-products of this biodegrading process.


If you use our concrete cleaner products on a regular basis will aid in your storm-water compliance. Frequently using our concrete cleaning products will mean that spilled petroleum compounds are neutralised on a regular basis. For an effective maintenance schedule at your facility, contact a TERRADIS representative.


Our TERMINATOR-HSD concrete cleaner products attract and bind hydrocarbons, trapping them during the biodegradation process. Once they are absorbed, these contaminates will be unable to move as the neutralise.

  1. Concrete cleaning for oil stains on Concrete, Asphalt and Porous Stone; Scatter TERMINATOR-HSD thinly over the dry stained area. 288 grams can cover 5 to 10 Sqm. Work the powder into the surface pores by sweeping in multiple directions over the stain.
  2. With a soft bristled broom, spread any leftover powder into new areas until there is nothing left.
  3. Mist water over the area if you are using our concrete cleaning products in dry climates or indoor areas, outside in temperate conditions there is no need to do this.
  4. To achieve your result faster, moisten the area sparingly, avoiding water runoff, and then repeat this process on a weekly basis until the stains have faded. Generally, elimination takes 3 to 4 applications. Because of the porous nature of asphalt and some older concretes, more product will be required during each treatment.

Fresh or Old Petroleum Spill on Concrete & Asphalt:

For fresh spills on hard surfaces (ie: concrete or asphalt) spread enough product to soak up all pooling hydrocarbons. Once absorbed by TERMINATOR-HSD, all petroleum hydrocarbons are fully encapsulated and will be completely bio-remediated, resulting in environmentally safe compounds such as water and carbon dioxide. Absorbed material may be left for nature to bio-remediate, or may be swept up and disposed according to local regulations. For older stains apply T-HSD to affected area, allow for 3-4 applications to fully remove any carbon shadows.

Coverage Area Varies Depending On Density & Type Of Concrete Surface

Safe for everyone, safe for everything.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our most common questions are around old stain removal, how long does it take and is it safe to handle.

There are many stain types and environmental situations where Terminator-HSD (T-HSD) will successfully bio-remediate the problem. As T-HSD is a non-chemical product is requires moisture to remain active and effective. Initially T-HSD will draw on the moisture in the stain / spill to quickly multiply the oil munching microbes. T-HSD will continue to work until the unwanted compounds are remediated.


Removing old stains?

Yes, T-HSD concrete and asphalt cleaners will fully remove old stains. However, if the stain has been caked on with layers of oil and grease etc. The top layer will need to be chipped away allowing the microbes access to the pores of the concrete.

How long does it take?

Most stains, even very old ones, are fully remediated within four to six weeks. Some hydraulic fluid stains require additional time as to fully breakdown the hydrocarbon chains.

Is it safe to handle?

T-HSD is a seaweed based product with 4 strands of bacteria (3 are proprietary) bonded to the seaweed. When the microbes are finished with their work they leave a fine sand which is easily disposed. With a net positive environmental gain. See MSDS for PPE.

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