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TERRADIS are specialists in bio remediation of oil, petrol and diesel stains. With vehicles of vary degrees of serviceability. Each pump bay is likely to have both oil and diesel stains. Many of which will be heavily ingrained into the pores of the concrete. The risk of customers slipping on this build-up can be significant. TERRADIS products provide an instant repair barrier between your customer’s feet and the oil, petrol and diesel contamination.

Where can we help!

Our concrete cleaner quickly absorbs diesel contamination effectively renders the diesel inert as the microbes go about fully remediating the residue. Creating a cleaner safer environment for your customers. Most diesel spill residue is fully remediated inside of two three applications.

Terminator-HSD will fully remediate petrol spill residue from your forecourt. What’s more, while the powder is present on the forecourt, any new spills will start to be remediated between applications.

Many older and commercial vehicles leave nasty black oil spot stains on your forecourt. With TERRADIS T-HSD that is no longer a problem and you can keep your forecourt looking fresh all the time.



Safe to apply, safe for your customers to be around, safe or the environment.



Quickly goes to work on remediating and rendering harmful petrol, and diesel spill residues as inert.



Customers regularly provide positive feedback to the site staff. Happy customers are more likely to spend more time and purchase additional items.

Safe for everyone, safe for everything.


Do you have a question around how Terradis can help reduce the overall maintenance requirements of your forecourt. How Terradis can help keep your forecourt, clean, safe and pleasant for customers to use.

Feel free to contact us and talk over where we can help.

Environmental impact

Terradis Terminator-HSD products have a net positive environmental impact. More information can be found in our Environment Impact Statement document.

Which stains are cleaned quicker?

The less complex but most dirty diesel stains and residue deposits are remediated within a week to two. The more complex synthetic oils and fluids can take 4-6 weeks. Regular applications and spot treatments will ensure any new spills and spots are quickly addressed by the residing microbes.

What about tracking of the product?

T-HSD is a seaweed-based product that breaks down to a fine dust. Some tracking will occur over time, in fact it is good to have vehicle and foot traffic through the treated area as this helps to press the powder into the pores and bring up the residue for remediation.


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AU Commercial (Douglas Thomson) +61-4-23910-400

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