Driveway Oil Stain Remover

The perminant removal of oil stains from concrete can be very easy. What’s more, it can also be very eco-friendly. TERMINATOR-HSD’s powder is the best driveway oil stain remover. Containing 3.2 billion microbes per gram, significantly more than any other. What’s more, because our driveway oil stain remover is contained within a calcified seaweed base it’s eco friendly. Just sprinkle, sweep and moisten to get the job done. In no time at all your concrete or asphalt driveway will be stain-free. Our driveway oil stain remover is TOUGH on oil stains, but GENTLE on the earth. There are no nasty chemicals or water runoff to worry about. .

Where can we help!

Our concrete cleaners are designed to blend in with the surrounding surface while the billions of microbes gently go to work removing oil, diesel, petrol, hydraulic fluid stains/ spills and more. Ideal for the home, our range of concrete cleaners are used by oil refinery sites, service stations, commercial parking sites, contractors and more.

Our uniquely effective asphalt cleaning products allow for the safe and complete remediation of hydrocarbons from asphalt. If you have an oil, diesel, petrol or hydraulic fluid spill on your asphalt T-HSD will safely and fully remove it. Ideal for home and commercial cleaning jobs, our asphalt cleaners are used by oil refinery sites, electrical companies, contractors and more.


Small oil, petrol and diesel spot stains on the driveway and in the garrage, cooking oil stains around the BBQ and outdoor living areas.


Parking sites and buildings with oil, petrol and diesel spills and stains. Workshop driveways floors and waste water systems.

On The Job Site

Diesel, oil, petrol, hydraulic fluid spills on client sites. AllowT-HSD to fully remediate the spill and reduce your stress.

Safe for everyone, safe for everything.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our most common questions are around old stain removal, how long does it take and is it safe to handle.

There are many stain types and environmental situations where Terminator-HSD (T-HSD) will successfully bio-remediate the problem. As T-HSD is a non-chemical product is requires moisture to remain active and effective. Initially T-HSD will draw on the moisture in the stain / spill to quickly multiply the oil munching microbes. T-HSD will continue to work until the unwanted compounds are remediated.


Removing old stains?

Yes, T-HSD concrete and asphalt cleaners will fully remove old stains. However, if the stain has been caked on with layers of oil and grease etc. The top layer will need to be chipped away allowing the microbes access to the pores of the concrete.

How long does it take?

Most stains, even very old ones, are fully remediated within four to six weeks. Some hydraulic fluid stains require additional time as to fully breakdown the hydrocarbon chains.

Is it safe to handle?

T-HSD is a seaweed based product with 4 strands of bacteria (3 are proprietary) bonded to the seaweed. When the microbes are finished with their work they leave a fine sand which is easily disposed. With a net positive environmental gain. See MSDS for PPE.

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