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Terradis industrial oil cleaning products will safely and fully remediate break fluid, oil, petrol, diesel and hydrualic fuid residue stains from concrete, asphalt and soil.


Concrete Cleaner

Will safely remove old and new oil, diesel, petrol, hydraulic fluid and break fluid residue stains from concrete. Contains zero acid or bleaching agents. With 2.15 billion microbes per gram Terminator-HSD will efficiently remdiate the residue stain and carbon shadow.


Asphalt / Bitumen Cleaner

Removing hydrocarbon stains from asphalt and bitumen requires specialist non destructive processes. Terradis Asphalt Cleaners protect the structure of the asphalt while fully remediating oil, petrol, diesel and hydraulic fluid residue stains from asphalt.


Soil Remediation

Terminator-HSD soil cleaner Provides safe effective onsite remediation of oil, petrol diesel and other hydrocarbons from soil. Allows for the localised remdiation of the soil, thus reducing or removing the need to relocate the affected soil.

How Easy Is It To Apply?

Terradis concrete, asphalt / bitumen cleaners are EASY to apply.

Step One - Clear Area

Sweep the area clear of heavy dirt stones and debris. Repeat all steps each week or until stain is gone. Most diesel stains on concrete are fully remediated within 3-4 weeks..

Step Two - Apply Product

Sprinkle (apply) a small amount of Terminator-HSD concrete cleaner over the area to be treated. Ensure and even coverage.


Step Three - Sweep Product

Evenly sweep the product over the area to be treated. Work the product into the pores of the concrete.

Step Four - Mist With Water

Speed up the remediation process. Mist the treated area with water. Regular misting between applications will cut back on remediation time.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“After trying other chemical based products, this product actually removed all the stain. Would happily buy again. “

Stan, WA

“As professional concrete sealing and refinishing company. We often come across sites which have suffered from years of abuse. Terminator-HSD concrete cleaner is the only product we have found that will completely clean the old oil buried deep in the pores of the concrete…

NZ, Concrete Resurfacing Business

“My old mini, had a constant drip that left a stain on the driveway, nothing seemed to shift it. With your concrete cleaner it was gone in about four weeks.

Richard, NZ

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of stains will it remove?

Terradis concrete, asphalt / bitumen and soil cleaners will remove. Oil, petrol, diesel, break fluid and hydraulic fluid residue and stains.

How fast does it work?

TERMINATOR-HSD will remove your stain in a few days for fresh and shallow stains, or a few weeks for larger, deeper and older stains. Many factors affect the speed of the process including: temperature, type of stain, moisture, age of stain, amount of oil, composition of the concrete/asphalt. TERMINATOR-HSD will remove the stain, but with microbial products, keep in mind, this is a time driven process.

Can the process be speeded up?

1) Apply TERMINATOR-HSD on dry surface
2) Sweep into the pores
3) Mist the area with water using a kitchen spray bottle.
4) Allow to dry – it will “set up”, appearing like a fresh concrete layer
5) Afterwards, the more often you moisten the area the faster it will work.

Can I use it in my garage?

Yes, but the TERMINATOR-HSD microbes will act slowly due to the lack of moisture. Regular misting with water throughout the process is recommended for indoor environments.

What if my stain is many years old?

TERMINATOR-HSD will consume all stains, new or old. Fresh stains generally are removed quicker than old ones.

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